AMTECH NC-559-ASM 100g Soldering Flux


AMTECH Pcb Reballing Soldering NC-559-ASM Bga Paste Flux 100G Amtech New Ic
  • Rework help paste applied to mobile phone PCB, BGA and SMD’s PGA etc.
  • It’s used in low ionic activator system, tin-run speed.
  • Low level of smoke,surface insulation resistance value is high residue after curing.
  • Therefore, the electrical properties of the cell phones and other communications products, very little interference.

  • Amtech NC-559 as a leave-in help paste residue color is very light, there is a very high value of SIR.
  • Amtech Paste recommended for BGA, CSP and other solder ball array repair and fill the ball.
  • When using smoke less, no residue. Affordable.
Suitable for:

  • Cards, cell phone chip, video chip BGA solder, bumping.
  • Also can use off the tin, the effect is very ideal.
  • The residue was less bright spot, less smoke, no pungent odor, do not run the ball.
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