Keweisi KWS-MX18L USB Digital Multimeter Current Voltmeter Tester (White)


Keweisi KWS-MX18L USB Digital Multimeter Current Voltmeter Tester (White)

  • Voltage: 4-30v
  • Current 0-6.5a
  • Mah: 0-9999999mah
  • Howard hour: 0-99999mwh
  • Timing: 0-99 hours
  • Power 0-200W
  • Charging internal resistance: 0-9999 ohms
  • Group 1-9 group V
  • Internal temperature: 0-80 degrees
  • Weight: 25g


  • Keweisi KWS-MX18L USB tester Voltage / current / power and other indicators Save the protector of the phone
  • Intelligent core upgrade
  • Professional instrumentation circuit measurement is more accurate Escort for your 3C device
  • For charger, mobile power light charging equipment detection, multiple data screens, meet diverse test requirements
  • Strong compatibility, ACE supports 65W / 120W super flashing with charger HD display, obvious
  • Fast charge recognition, extensive compatibility
  • Keweisi KWS-MX18L Contains 9 sets of power outage saving functions.
  • Temporarily store current capacity and energy when power is off.
  • Reopen the opportunity to accumulate the current capacity and energy used.
  • Manual removal if no accumulation is required.
  • Voltage current and capacity display on the same LCD screen, no need for cumbersome operations, only need to connect to the USB interface, you can monitor the phone’s charging status in real time.
  • Intelligently memory charging capacity, can save the mAH input from 9 sets of charging devices after power off. Easy to view and check whether the charging device’s capacitance is true.
  • U disk current detection, the working current of the u disk is between 50-100mA, when is exceeds 100mA, the u disk may be faulty.
  • USB interface voltage detection, the external voltage of the USB interface on the computer is 5V±5%, the output current is relatively constant, generally 500mA, and the notebook computer only has 100mA.
Directions for use:
  • 1: Click the button to view 1-9 sets of charging data.
  • 2: Long press the button for 3 seconds to remove a set of charging data.
  • 3: Double-click the button to rotate the screen to view.
  • 4. Long press the button and insert the USB interface to enter the voltage calibration:
For example:
  • (1) If display (5.526V→) Then double click button quickly
  • (2) If display(5.528V↑), then you can click the button to increase the display voltage.
  • (3) Double click button quickly, if display(5.528V↓),then you can click the button to decrease the display voltage.
  • (4) Then double click button quickly again, if display(5.526V→),then click the button one more times, the screen will display Current Calibration!
  • The system automatically performs current calibration and will automatically return to the function home page after calibration is completed.
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Certification: NONE
  • Certification: NONE
  • Display Type: Digital Only
  • Power Supply: Other
  • Material: Plastic + Metal

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