Relife RL-069 Rosin Atomization Short Circuit Detector Pen

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Relife RL-069 Rosin Atomization Short Circuit Detector Pen

RELIFE RL-069 Rosin Atomizer Rosin Flux Pen USB Charging Welding Pen No Need Soldering Iron Phone PCB Short Circuit Detector

The short circuit detection auxiliary device does not require soldering iron and is suitable for detecting various short circuit fault points on mobile phones and computer motherboards.

Accurate atomization, increasing the precise contact area of atomization, eliminating the need for repeated use of soldering iron, and reducing rosin waste.

Farewell to prolonged preheating, no need to wait, fast atomization.

Can be used for short circuit fault detection of various mobile phones, computers, etc.

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for longer battery life, USB charging plug, innovative design, wireless use, or use while charging.

Usage steps:

1. Power on/off: Press the button on the handle 5 times to turn on the device, and the same goes for power off

2. Add small rosin, preheat for 2 seconds, and start atomizing.

When smoking, align the air outlet of the glass cover with the detection area, and each heating time is 10 seconds.

Connecting the maintenance guide wire can quickly detect short circuit faults.

Relife RL-069 Rosin atomization Pen Rosin short circuit detector For Phone Circuit board short detection, Rosin Atomizer Short Circuit Detector Adapter Flux Pen For Motherboard Repair

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