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Soptop SZN71 Stereo Trinocular Microscope With Boom Stand

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Soptop SZN71 Stereo Trinocular Microscope With Boom Stand 6.7-45 Continuous Zoom for Mobile Phone Repair


  • Soptop SZN71  optical system, compact body, smooth lines at the same time to ensure excellent optical performance, increase the magnification fixed frame function, so that the observation is more accurate and practical
  • Can be applied to the electronic industry production line inspection, and single-board PCB verification, and can also be used for the identification of paintings and calligraphy, as well as scientific research, teaching demonstration, archaeology, and other fields
  • The SZN71 has a broader field of view and a fixed frame and magnification limit function, which is suitable for PCB, LCD, IC assembly, and inspection.
  • Innovative push-pull three-way switching lever, fixed-frame and fixed-magnification mechanism, and magnification-limiting function design, further ease the user’s sense of long-time operation, in line with ergonomic principles
  • New main magnification fixed frame function, can repeat the same magnification, a good solution to the problem of magnification calculation when observing objects
  • The hand wheel is light and comfortable, effectively avoiding the fatigue caused by long-time operation
  • Grignot optical system, 10 ° body vision convergence angle, large field of view of the flat field eyepiece, to ensure a large depth of field under the image of the flat field
  • 45 ° tilt binocular observation head, fixed frame and fixed magnification mechanism and the highest and lowest magnification adjustment lock function, high eye point large field of view flat field eyepiece
  • One-piece stand arm type with mirror holder (split stand type, can be equipped with any mirror holder) and a flat base (with light source base)

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